Although we advise on every type of mortgage, be it Residential, Buy to Let, Commercial or 2nd charge we have a number of very senior advisors who would consider themselves as re-mortgage experts with a wealth of knowledge of Lenders and criteria.

Re-mortgaging to raise capital

Maybe your home is now worth substantially more than is left to pay on your mortgage?

If this is the case, then remortgaging could help you release some of the value built up in your home.

There are many reasons you might have for borrowing against your home and some, though not all, might even add value to your home including:

• Home improvements
• Conservatory, extra living space, improved kitchen
• Roof conversion
• Purchase a car
• A holiday
• University costs
• Deposit to help a family member buy a first home
• A marital settlement

There are also some reasons that some Lenders will not allow Capital raising. It is therefore vital that you gain advice from a qualified, experienced mortgage broker who can advise you on the most appropriate type of lending for the purpose you have in mind.

Debt consolidation

Mortgages are generally at a lower interest rate than unsecured borrowing. By consolidating your credit cards, loans and so on into your mortgage, you could have a more affordable monthly payment, which could make life a lot more comfortable and in some instances even help keep a roof over your family’s head.

You may have several different debts – a mortgage, credit cards, and personal loans – all at different interest rates. The monthly payments may add up to a hefty slice of your monthly outgoings. Remortgaging could consolidate these different debts into one lower monthly payment. This can be a good option, although in cases of severe debt obviously, we would always recommend taking expert advice or counselling.

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